Fableforge Weekly Update #14

In the 14th edition of the Fableforge Weekly Update we'll be talking about a lot of new combat features that were implemented this week! There's a lot to talk about, so let's get into it!

Community Announcements

Added Weapons

Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Attack Sequence

Bow Mechanics & Arrow Physics

One-Handed & Two-Handed Weapons

Attack Charging

Combat UI

Camera Changes & Cursor

Next Week Preview

Community Announcements

First, I want to give a big thanks and a shoutout to BensPandas, Matto, and Sunrlrovglxy for supporting development on Patreon this week! Your contributions account for the full monthly cost of hosting this website, I really appreciate you guys. 😄

Added Weapons

The base human male character wielding a sword. I think this guy needs a name to be honest. 🤔

Weapons were added this week. Weapons can be divided into different 'weapon classes', each weapon class has a certain trait that distinguishes itself from the other weapon classes.

Aside from weapon classes, there are also certain properties a weapon may have that also affect how that weapon works. These properties determine if a weapon is melee, ranged, one-handed, or two-handed.

- Sword

Melee, one-Handed, fast charge time, 1.5x damage & 1.5x knockback on full charge.

- Axe

Melee, one-Handed, double damage on full charge, 2x damage & 1.5x knockback on full charge.

- Hammer

Melee, one-Handed, double knockback on full charge, 1.5x damage & 2x knockback on full charge.

- Greatsword

Melee, two-Handed, fast charge time, 1.5x damage & 1.5x knockback on full charge.

- Greataxe

Melee, two-Handed, double damage on full charge, 2x damage & 1.5x knockback on full charge.

- Greathammer

Melee, two-Handed, double knockback on full charge, 1.5x damage & 2x knockback on full charge.

- Staff

Melee, two-Handed, spells cost less mana to cast, 1.5x damage & 1.5x knockback on full charge.

- Shortbow

Ranged, two-Handed, fast draw speed.

- Longbow

Ranged, two-Handed, slower draw speed & greater bonuses on full draw.

- Unarmed


These weapon classes will provide the player with options when designing their own weapons. The weapon forging system will allow a player to choose their base weapon class before modifying the weapons appearance and stats. The weapon type will also affect the range of the weapon (A greatsword will have a longer range than a one-handed sword), attack rate, damage modifier, and knockback modifier.

Right now I only have base weapon models for the sword, greathammer, and shortbow. I also don't have unarmed combat animations just yet. These will be added next week.

Also, the weapons that were picked were influenced by your feedback in a poll that was done in the Discord server last week! The sword, bow and staff were the most popular choices. Daggers were also a popular choice and is a weapon that I will be adding before release. I didn't yet because I'm still thinking whether or not its bonus should be related to a sneak mechanic (maybe a damage increase if sneaking), or something else.

Because hammers and axes are going to be tools (to repair blocks and to chop down trees), I figured I might as well make them weapons too. I felt the same way with unarmed.

Spears and throwing weapons got a good amount of votes, but I felt that development can prioritize the more popular weapons at the moment before adding these into the game.

Some of you guys suggested some other interesting weapons like wands, spellbooks, scythes, rapiers, and even dual wield throwing weapons. These are really cool ideas and I'll be taking a look at adding these later down the road! 😄

Melee Weapons

The base sword model.

Melee weapons have an 'attack charging' mechanic, which allows an attacker to hold down the mouse button to charge their attack and deal more damage. You can read more about it in the Attack Charging section.

Ranged Weapons

The base shortbow model.

Ranged weapons have a 'draw' mechanic, which is pretty similar to how attack charging works. You can learn more about this in the Bow Mechanics & Arrow Physics section.

All current ranged weapons can be considered two-handed.

Attack Sequence

Fighting some 'punching bags', the two-handed weapon attack sequence is shown. The first attack in the sequence does an AoE attack.

Melee weapons have an attack sequence. Right now there are two attack sequences: one-handed attack sequence and two-handed attack sequence.

An attack sequence is a series of attacks that a player can perform with a weapon or unarmed. The attack sequences consist of two different attack animations and, in the case of two-handed weapons, the first attack in the sequence provides an AoE attack.

Attack sequences provide some variability to the animations you see in combat, as well as some diversity in attack mechanics (in the case of two-handed weapons).

Bow Mechanics & Arrow Physics

Testing the new bow!

Shortbows and longbows have a bow draw mechanic, which allows you to hold down the mouse button to draw your bow. You may release the mouse button at any time during the bow draw animation to fire your arrow. Releasing it too early will reduce the damage and knockback of your shot, while releasing it when fully drawn will provide a bonus to damage and knockback.

Arrows have a velocity and are affected by gravity, so it is important to compensate for this when shooting from far!

I'm still experimenting with this feature, and I'm debating whether or not to have the bow draw affect the velocity of the arrow and the accuracy of the shot.

Affecting the velocity would force shots from long range to be fully drawn, while up close wouldn't need to. Affecting the accuracy would kind of give the same effect, but bow users need to be accurate anyways to deal damage and penalizing them in this area could be redundant.

Let me know what you guys think! Should velocity and accuracy play a role in drawing your bow? Should damage and knockback still play a role? I'd love to hear your feedback!

One-Handed & Two-Handed Weapons

The greathammer base model.

Weapons can either be one-handed or two-handed.

One-handed melee weapons are generally faster, but slightly weaker, than two-handed weapons. The off-hand is available, giving the possibility of holding another item in that hand. That could be a shield or another weapon, shields and dual wielding are planned for next week!

Two-handed weapons are slower, but slightly stronger, than one-handed weapons. Melee two-handed weapons also have an AoE (area of effect) attack in their attack sequence (see Attack Sequence section).

Attack Charging

Charging an attack.

Melee weapons have an 'attack charging' mechanic which allows you to hold down the mouse button to charge up your attack for additional damage and knockback. The bonus to damage and knockback is directly correlated to how long you held down the mouse button, up until the fully charged animation in which the damage and knockback bonus is capped at 1.5x times the base damage and knockback of the weapon.

This mechanic could be very advantageous in combat. I've been thinking about a few different ways to add some risk to this mechanic, which could provide some additional strategy/skill/challenge to combat. Here's a few ideas I had:

- Reducing movement speed while charging.

- Implement a stamina system and reduce stamina when using a charged attack (to prevent these attacks from being spammed).

- Charged attacks have a chance to be interrupted when taking damage.

- Charged attacks leave you vulnerable, increasing the amount of damage you take while charging.

I think this could serve as a fun risk vs. reward type of mechanic. Let me know what you guys think!

Combat UI

A health bar, name, and level identifier were added. These UI elements are displayed over the head of entities (mobs, players, etc.).

It's a working mechanic for now, I'll go back and make things look prettier afterwards.

Camera Changes & Cursor

The 3rd person camera is now locked to the center of the screen, I felt that this approach was a quality of life improvement for the player. It really helps with aiming that new bow tbh.

Also there's a cursor now! It's locked to the center of the screen to help you aim. When drawing a bow the cursor becomes kind of a crosshair that moves closer to the center to help indicate where you are in the bow draw animation.

Next Week Preview

There were a lot of additions to combat this week, and a lot more planned for next week! A few of the features that were implemented this week and last week will be improved next week, I also want to add blocking, dodging, and dual wielding. If I have time, I also plan to have the mobs fight back. 😈

If you have any questions or comments, let me know! I'd love to hear from you guys. You can email me at aesli.fableforge@gmail.com, or by dropping a comment wherever you saw the link to this blog post! (twitter, reddit, discord, etc.)

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