Fableforge Weekly Update #21

This week we discuss some improvements made to some of the mob animations as well as new animations that were made. We'll also discuss improvements that were made to mob AI.

Improved Animations

Improved Mob AI

Individual Mob AIs

Mob Behaviors

Next Week Preview

Improved Animations

A wandering blue slime.

Several improvements and additions were made regarding mob animations. Here's a list of what happened:

- Beetle: reworked move animation

- Beetle: added attack animation

- Chicken: improved move animation

- Cow: improved move animation

- Pig: improved move animation

- Sheep: improved move animation

- Slime: added move animation (slime jump & land)

- Spider: reworked move animation

- Spider: added attack animation

Improved Mob AI

Individual Mob AIs

Mob AI has been split up into separate AIs for each mob. Previously there was only one mob AI type to govern all mobs, and as the game grows it was clear that dividing up the AI and delegating it's functions to individual mobs was an important step.

This now allows each mob to behave differently from each other. This opens the door for each mob being able to have their own behaviors, special attacks, unique movement patterns, and so much more.

For example this makes it possible for ogres to swing a weapon or throw a boulder, or for slimes to jump around when they move.

Mob Behaviors

Separate mob behaviors have now been introduced. The three classifications are the following:

Hostile: Will chase and attack players that are nearby.

Neutral: Will chase and attack only when provoked (by attacking them).

Passive: Will run away when provoked.

Here's a list of the mobs and their designated behaviors as of right now:

Beetle: Neutral

Chicken: Passive

Cow: Passive

Ogre: Hostile

Pig: Passive

Sheep: Passive

Slime: Neutral

Spider: Hostile

Zombie: Hostile

Next Week Preview

Next week I'll be working on the ogre, do a few more improvements to the mob procedural generation, some UI work that I wanted to do this week but wasn't able to get to, and get started on some terrain generation improvements.

After a few improvements to terrain generation I'll be getting started on the weapon/armor/tool forging system. Can't wait to start developing this and showing you guys this feature! After that we'll get started on the spellcrafting and ability crafting system.

After those two systems are complete I'll be working on procedurally generated resources and we should be good to set up a Steam page! So a lot of exciting things coming up soon, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, let me know! Your feedback is important and I'd love to hear from you guys. You can email me at aesli.fableforge@gmail.com, or by dropping a comment wherever you saw the link to this blog post! (twitter, reddit, discord, etc.)

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