Fableforge Weekly Update #22

This week we discuss a new mob mechanic that allows certain mobs to have a specific 'class'. A lot of work has been done on the ogre, improvements made to mob color palettes, and some improvements regarding mob movement.

Mob Classes, Trajectories, & Ogres

Miscellaneous Changes

Next Week Preview

Mob Classes, Trajectories, & Ogres

A couple of ranged ogres throwing boulders.

Mobs can now have a 'class'. Mob classes are used to determine a mob's combat role. Not all mobs will have classes, in fact most won't. There are certain mobs, like the ogre, that this system was designed for. Later on this system would affect primarily NPC mobs or mobs that are part of a 'sentient' or playable race.

Right now this system only affects the ogre. The ogre has two types of classes, they are defined as the following for now:

Melee: Ogre wields a large two-handed bone and fights up close.

Ranged: Ogre throws large boulders at its target.

A few other changes were made to the ogre, such as its procedural generation, slight tweaks to its model, and new animations.

Initially the ogre threw the boulder in a linear path towards its target, which didn't feel right. I ended up making the boulder travel in a parabolic path towards its target, which looks and feels much better. Afterwards I realized that this parabolic path can be used in other ways such as slime jumps and eventually as a type of trajectory used in spellcrafting.

Miscellaneous Changes

- Mob color palette adjustments

Mob colors have been adjusted to look better with the in-game post processing. It's not a huge difference but basically the saturation was slightly reduced on most colors.

- Mob movement adjustments

A couple adjustments were made to prevent mobs from being on top of each other and from bunching up in one spot.

Next Week Preview

There's still a little bit more tweaking to do with some of the new mob AI features, but after that's done I'll be working on improving the appearance of the mobs in-game (shaders primarily) and then I'll get started on some terrain generation improvements. That may take the rest of the week and may push into next week. After that I'll be working on the weapon/armor/tool crafting system!

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