Fableforge Weekly Update #27

This week we discuss new features and improvements to the forging editor.

Community Announcements

Forging Editor Improvements

Next Week Preview

Community Announcements

I first want to thank Austin Brusoe (Beetle Backer), Frost (Fabled), NinjaFiendX (Beetle Backer), Angus Gillic (Slime Supporter), Caveman Kaine (Beetle Backer), Adam Dettman (Slime Supporter), TheGreatStorm (Zombie Zealot), and Life (Hero) for their support via Patreon. Your contributions are very appreciated. 😄

Forging Editor Improvements

Showcasing the new drag feature.

There were a few improvements and additions to the forging system this week. The first was a drag feature for placing, painting, and deleting blocks. You can use the drag feature to modify large amounts of blocks at once. This new feature significantly decreases the time it takes to design an item, and provides much more convenience while being very easy to use.

The second addition was adding a new 'view mode' feature that allows you to switch views in the editor to see how the item will look on your character. This new view mode feature also provides a sense of scale when designing items.

Showcasing the new view mode feature.

There were also a few visual improvements to the editor. When you mouse over an available block (the blocks to the left that are in your inventory), a rotating animation is displayed. Selected blocks will also do a hovering motion. When using the paint and place tools, you'll now see the actual block you have selected. This block has a blink animation.

Next Week Preview

I started working on the armorcrafting system yesterday, so I'll be able to show how that works next week. I'll also be starting on spellcrafting too!

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