Fableforge Weekly Update #4

The core of the terrain generation system is pretty much complete now. Here are some of the final changes that were made this week.

Singleplayer & Multiplayer Code Merge

New Particle Effects

Bug Fixes

Singleplayer & Multiplayer Code Merge

Singleplayer and multiplayer behaved in their own separate ways, and this was going to be an issue once I start implementing more features into the game. Singleplayer now runs as a client that connects to a private local server. This will help streamline development going forward.

New Particle Effects

A couple new particle effects were made to give the game a little bit more life to it.



Bug Fixes

Normally I don't include bug fixes in these posts because they're not really worth talking about, but that was a main focus for this week so I'll just give a quick overview.

Most of the bug fixes were related to the voxel engine. A couple of those bugs were related to the voxel lighting, probably the most noticeable one was that some blocks weren't being lit properly. You can see some streaks of unlit, or partially lit, blocks in this video.

Darkened blocks on the sides of the plateaus. This was fixed.

Sometimes the lighting would ignore structures, this was fixed as well.

There were also quite a few bugs with the new atmosphere system that were fixed mainly regarding some chunks using the wrong colors, or clouds ignoring the color palette.

A couple bugs with tree generation were fixed, and a network bug that sometimes wouldn't allow a client to connect to a server on a different machine was fixed.

Next Week Preview

Now that many of these bugs are out of the way, and that singleplayer and multiplayer use the same logic, work can begin on the procedurally generated mob system. I'll be working on some base models for the mobs that will be in the game, and on the side I'll be doing some performance improvements.