Fableforge Weekly Update #6

This week features the development of the foundation for procedurally generating the mobs, as well as some improvements to some of the optimizations that were introduced last week.

Groundwork for Procedurally Generated Mobs

Performance Optimizations & Bug Fixes

Cow base model

Groundwork for Procedurally Generated Mobs

Last week ten different base mob models were made, this week these mobs were set up for procedural generation. One of the first necessary steps was to structure these mobs in a way where certain traits of the base model can be modified in code. For example, some traits that were defined for the pig model that was shown last week included: ears, tail, legs, snout, eyes, head, body.

These traits allow the procedural generation system to modify things like ear size, tail length, head size, body height, etc.

Performance Optimizations & Bug Fixes

There were a few bug fixes regarding some of the performance optimizations done last week.

Next Week Preview

Chicken base model

Not a whole lot to show this week, but I'll be showcasing some procedurally generated mobs pretty soon. I'll be writing a blog post on how the procedurally generated mobs work probably next week.

Next week the majority of the procedurally generated mob system should be finished, as well as the terrain generation optimizations that I've been working lately.