Terrain Generation IV: Atmospheres

In the fourth part of the Terrain Generation series we'll be taking a look at the new region atmosphere system!

What Are Atmospheres?

Atmospheres, along with landscapes and environments, help make up a region. The region's atmosphere handles the colors of the blocks, sky, clouds, and fog. It also determines certain weather/climate effects such as how many clouds could be in the sky and how intense the fog is in a region.

Color Palettes

A very red looking desert region.

The same exact landscape and environment as the image above (you'd never find two regions with the same exact landscape and environment in-game, this was for testing purposes), but with a different color palette.

Each region will have their own color palettes. A region will choose a main color based off of the block that spawns on the surface, and a sub color that compliments the main color. Currently there are 3 themes of color palettes a region can choose from, each corresponding with a surface block. The surface blocks with their own themes are grass, sand, and snow.

Desert region with a brownish color palette.


Fog is currently the only weather effect. This region is really foggy!

Currently the only weather-related features are variable cloud spawns and fog. Atmospheres tell the region how many clouds normally spawn in this region and how intense the fog is.

In the future, atmospheres will also determine other weather effects such as how often it rains and snows.


Atmospheres play a big role in diversifying the procedurally generated regions. One desert region could look much different than the other because of the colors that it uses, even if they have similar landscapes and environments. Atmospheres add another layer to the complexity of each region.