What is Fableforge?

Hello reader!

As the first post of the Fableforge blog I want to start off with a short introduction. Fableforge is a 'voxel'-based rpg sandbox. It features a robust procedural world generation system that creates unique regions each with their own names, landscapes, creatures, and resources. After creating your character you will set off to explore this procedurally generated world, discovering new content as you go.

Create your own weapons, tools, armor, spells, and abilities with the skills you unlock as you level and the resources you discover along the way. Build anything you want, anywhere you want. Complete quests, enter dungeons, and fight new monsters and bosses.

Fableforge at its core rewards exploration and creativity. It allows the player the freedom to do whatever they want and create whatever they want. Fableforge intends to push the boundaries of what a sandbox game is, in a unique fantasy setting.

I started development of Fableforge in 2017, when I was 19 years old. I was inspired by games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Quest, and The Legend of Zelda. I wanted to create a new type of rpg experience, one where the player is in absolute control.

I plan on sharing more with you as the game continues development.. so stay tuned! :)